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Monday, June 10, 2013

New poems by Jan Elvee and Patti Tronolone 

Once many years ago, I heard a voice inside announcing "The purpose of poetry is to beget more poems."  Recently I published the followed poem which was inspired by Rumi's poem on the same theme.  Then I received a poem from Jan Elvee, still on the same topic.  And, following that, is a poem by Patti Tronolone, again on the same theme.  So, indeed, poetry begets  poetry.  It is most gratifying to find spiritual poets emerging at this time, inspiring one another to let expressions of love come forth in poetic form.

Astounding Love

From beyond the intellect, astounding Love arrives
Dragging its robes, a cup of wine in its hand.
                                               Rumi (tr. Andrew Harvey)

Who has the strength to drink from this cup?
Who will kneel down, touch this robe,
bow before this unnamed one
who keeps arriving,
leaving soft traces
again and again?

Dorothy Walters,
June 5, 2013

Love drags its robes,
an exquisite detail,
its arm outstretched,
offering me a cup of wine.
I walk towards him,
doubtful and hopeful.
Longing to kneel,
to drink, to be

Jan Elvee
June 8, 2013


Light upon light


Into the fiery deep.

What hidden majesty

Breaches the wall

And sets down the quivering cup?

Deep in the bounty  of a forgotten imprint

I am met in the shade of my own longing

Where the ageless one takes hold.

Some inextinguishable force

Catches me in the balance

My heart is played for all it’s worth.

Light upon light


Into the fiery deep.

Patti Tronolone

(Photo is titled "eternal love by imagespider")

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