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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ancient Alien Visitors 

For many years, I have, like others, followed the news concerning supposed alien visitations to earth, sightings in the sky, and evidence of visitations in the past, including stone henge as well as other seemingly inexplicable sites.  I more or less keep an open mind on this topic, but I am particularly interested in the physical evidence inscribed as pictographs (rock art) over the world.  Often T. V. programs mention these, but only allow the images to be seen for a few seconds.

The image above is one I have been fascinated with for a long time.  It does, indeed, seem to be a picture of a person in a modern space suit, and there are others similar to this one in other representations.

Did they come here?  Did they build those imposing monuments which apparently were well beyond the technical capabilities of the human race at that time?  Are those craft seen both from earth and from the vantage of outer space actually powered by advanced societies from elsewhere in the universe?

To see and read more on this topic, go to this interesting site:



(Image from above site)

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