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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Animal Communication, Installment 3 

Installment 3 of the Animal Communication workshop of Anna Breytenbach as described by Linda Heiderer:

On the second day of The Animal Communication workshop, we were each given a picture of one of three dogs that lives in South Africa. These dogs are “friends” of Anna’s and they are very willing participants in her work with training human beings in how to communicate with them. They help her out all of the time with her workshops. Each dog has some serious medical issues. Our task was to find out what they were. There were about eight others (out of 26) in the workshop who had the same picture as I did.

To find the dog’s medical issues we were taught a technique called the body scan. A body scan is a technique whereby the dog agrees to superimpose his body’s ailments onto the body of the person receiving the communication. The person then scans his or her entire body from head to toe to feel what the dog is feeling. I was given a picture of Sarel, a cute little Yorkshire terrier. I first asked Sarel’s permission to do the body scan and then I started by feeling into my head to see if any sort of sensation surfaced. I continued down through my neck, shoulders, hands, back, abdomen, hips, legs, and feet to see where some pain or discomfort might pop up. Might I add that I was so filled with self doubt at this point that to say I was shaky in my attempt was an understatement. I mean, come on. Getting a reading from a dog who lives a massive continent away and from a little picture?? Really? Nonetheless, I was at this workshop to give it my all so ever onward I went.

We always start any communication with the six principals in mind that I outlined in the last posting. Then we do these three steps: 1. Close our eyes, relax and breathe deeply. 2. Set the intention. 3. Ask permission to connect and then begin when the animal gives us a green light. After the three steps, I started feeling into my head. Hmmm… didn’t seem like anything was happening in the old noggin. Ok, down to the neck. Yikes, I felt a little pull on the right side of my Adam’s apple. Was it for real or was I making it up? Only Anna’s feedback later would verify my reading. Next, into the shoulders. Oh dear, I sensed a tightness on the muscle to the left of my right shoulder blade. Dang, I often feel tight there myself so maybe its just my own nagging muscle tension saying howdy. Oh well, we’ll know soon enough. Down I go through the rest of my body but feel nothing else of note. Time’s up and its Anna’s turn to tell us about our dog.

The first thing she said about Sarel was that he had paralysis of his hips and hind legs. My heart sank. Clearly I was a failure at animal communication. Then Anna further stated that he also has a non cancerous tumor in his neck. OMG, a tumor in his neck! I was jubilant for sensing Sarel’s benign growth. Anna continued by saying that he has wheels for hind legs and his little front legs have to work so hard for him to get around that his shoulders often hurt. Holy Mary mother of God, the old girl might have a little ability here. Interestingly, about three people in my group reported feeling a tingling and/or numbness in their legs when they did the body scan. Also of note was that a dog that another group got for the body scan had a lame right back leg from being caught in a barbed-wire fence. A number of people got a dull/lifeless feeling in their right leg and one woman not only got the numb feeling but also said she got a message about the leg being caught in a trap of some sort. I swear I am not making this up.

Though I had a bit of success with this activity, I still was filled with doubt. Was it a fluke that I felt something in my neck and shoulder? My skeptical mind was still nagging me.

Stay tuned for part four and communicating with an animal whose picture we were all asked to bring with us. I had brought a picture of Thriller, the black cat that belongs to the roommate I had in San Francisco last year.

Note from Dorothy:  I took the pictures of the egret (in Golden Gate Park) and the camel (in the Detroit Zoo).  The other two are from the internet,

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