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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Communicating with animals and plants 

Recently I received the following from the friend of a friend, who (the latter) went to the workshop on animal communication described below.  It is my belief that all things pertaining to energy are related, whether human, animal, or plant.  Perhaps as we learn more about our  fellow inhabitants of this planet, we will also understand more about ourselves and our place in the world.
As noted below, Anna will be teaching in Santa Cruz this November.  To learn more about Anna and her work, check out her website at www.animalspirit.org/ 

The Animal Communication Course Part 1
Last weekend I participated in Anna Breytenbach’s three-day workshop on Animal Communication. A year ago when I was at Findhorn, I saw a documentary that was done about her work with animals. I wrote about it in my blog under the title, “I Am Not Making This Up.” The most profound section in the film was her communication with a black leopard. After Anna communicated with the leopard, its caretaker was sobbing at the sight of the transformation Anna’s interaction had on this amazing animal. In the film she said she could teach anyone to do this, so I thought I’d give it a try. BTW, she will be teaching a five-day animal tracking course in Santa Cruz this November and I plan to attend.

First let me say that Anna has a profoundly calm demeanor and her eyes are hypnotically beautiful. She is from South Africa, worked in Silicon Valley for a bit and while living in California, got connected with John Young, a man who can track animals through sensing them. While on a tracking expedition with him, her gift emerged and her Silicon Vally IT days came to a close. She also was trained at the Assisi Institute in San Francisco, a world renowned animal training center. Check out their website. Anna said that this communication with animals takes place at what physicists would call the quantum level. We are all made of quanta. Quanta come together to form atoms which form molecules which form a candle or a horse or you. Biofeedback works on a quantum level. It is a deep level of knowing that Anna says we can all reach to do this this communication. Distance from the animal does not matter. In our group we “communicated” with three dogs that live in South Africa. She also said that we tune into the animal in a manner similar to tuning into a frequency to find a radio station. She stressed that our intention to tune in is important and it is a powerful part of the process. Quieting the mind (as we do in meditation) is another part of reaching the quantum state. In my next blog I will write about the six principals she taught us that are the keys to animal communication. Stay tuned.

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