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Monday, August 26, 2013

Ecstasy and Pain--why they sometimes go together  

As I have noted many times, my times of extreme bliss tend to be followed by an equally extreme period of pain and discomfort (for me, problems of digestion and gut).  I have often wondered why this connection exists--am I doing something wrong?  Am I not prepared to sustain such high energy?  Do I have constrictions in my body which block the free flow of energy?

Recently a friend sent me the following e-mail, with what seems to me to be a very sound (possible) explanation:

Your post-bliss gut distress is, I think, similar to what I often experience in terms of strong emotion causing a Lyme setback.  My Lyme doc says it is very common.  It can be joy, fear, anger, elation, whatever.  He told me a story about a woman who was in remission until one night her son cried out in his sleep and she popped up out of bed and rushed to see if he was OK and the next day she was incapacitated with Lyme symptoms.  He said the sympathetic nervous system gets overwhelmed and somehow that gives the infections the upper hand.  I try to be very careful about maintaining an even keel.  I rarely succeed.

For me, it was a novel idea that too much bliss could itself be the source of pain, but seemingly this can be the case.

I had this effect demonstrated once more recently when I went to the Damanhur workshop and experienced exquisite energies with my partner during a healing
exercise.  These sensations were so lovely that I felt I could welcome them into
my system forever.

Yet, for two days thereafter, I experienced intense pain (gut problems).  So much for
ecstasy, I thought.  Perhaps it is better to be more moderate in one's practice of joy
and thereby avoid its opposite.

Of course, it is also true that pain generally results from blocked energy.  Perhaps the
sympathetic nervous system in overload produces blocked energy.

(I accidentally chose two images for the above space--and then did not know how to
remove the extra one--maybe they together represent how ecstasy and pain can mirror one another.)

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