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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kundalini as Constant Process 

I have written before of the "ups and downs" of Kundalini, the hills and valleys of spiritual transformation.   But this morning I had an even clearer understanding of this process.  It is this:

As our "spiritual energies" (expressed as feeling states within, that which is called bliss) become more refined (higher in tone, more subtle in texture), we become even more susceptible to "unbalancing."  Things which might not have affected us one way or another in the past, now can throw us off balance and we may in fact experience these "energetic assaults" as physical symptoms or pain.  We may think, "I have a stomach ache" or "my eyes hurt."  And indeed they do.  But just as our "energies" are now more delicate, the situations that can affect us are also more subtle.

One of the great myths of spiritual awakening is that there is a fixed goal called "enlightenment."  Once we reach this state, we then can (according this belief) do marvelous things.  We can suddenly speak many unfamiliar languages, channel great poetry, and find ourselves in constant perfect health.  Perhaps some of the great masters do achieve such amazing states, but for most of us, life is now a perpetual process of constant  refinement in an alchemical process that continues throughout our
lives.  To turn base metal into gold, the material must be heated again and again, melted and remelted, each step bringing us into higher alignment with those powers which are directing the process, toward an end we cannot fully see or comprehend, but which we are inwardly convinced is indeed our true path.

Indeed, this process would be much easier if we lived in caves or monasteries, safe havens from the tumult of the world.  There we could carefully restrict our diets, spend each day in constant spiritual practice, and perfect our relationship with the Ultimate.  But we do not exist in such circumstances.  We are constantly buffeted and tossed about by various forces of daily life.  We are challenged by personal loss or societal upheavals.  We or our friends may suffer massive health problems, or experience financial ruin.  The world appears to be disintegrating on all levels.

And, furthermore, once we reach a certain level of energetic subtlety, even the slightest "stressor," whether good or bad, can throw us into pain and confusion.

Last night I experienced much physical discomfort (for me, often stomach and gut problems).  Yet this morning, even as I made ready to step into the shower, I felt the familiar energies stir, and once more, just by slowly and gently rotating my hips, I experienced lovely (and unexpected) bliss.  For me, this is a moment of divine union, proof that the "higher realms" exist and wish to come to us in love.

The process never ends.  And, though it demands much "suffering" along the way, the blessings are well worth the price, for we know this is who we are, this path is the one we have chosen as the right one for us.  Our lives are part of an ongoing phenomenon of
the true evolution of consciousness.  Some call this the "divinizing of matter," bringing heaven to earth and humanity closer to god.

And, it goes without saying, that whatever our personal experiences may be, we must also focus on curing the human and global ailments in whatever way we are best suited for.  We are now approaching--indeed, may have already arrived--at a final hour.  It behooves us to take notice and act.

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