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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kundalini, the Ecstasy and the Agony 

Once again, I have confirmed that the bliss flows do not stop, no matter how long you have practiced your Kundalini movements (my moves are very minimal, very subtle these days).  But neither does the pain that often is the aftermath of "too much joy."

Here is a tale I have repeated (and an experience I have undergone) many times in the past:
Recently I had a lovely massage--no bliss came through, but my physical body felt truly revived. But--next morning, during my practice session, the bliss was there--much stronger than usual, flowing sweetly throughout the entire system
That evening I attended a concert.  The music relied heavily on clashing cymbals and thundering drums--just the kind of sound I love.  My body seemed to function as a sounding board, experiencing each note as a delightful bliss sensation within.  How splendid, I thought.  Just the way things should be.
But--the following morning I felt ill with a familiar stomach reaction.  Oh, no, I thought,
not again--not the same old pattern--bliss followed by pain.
As always, I wondered why?  Why after so long was ecstasy still accompanied by agony?
And then a thought came to me--often when others ask me why they are having negative symptoms with their Kundalini experience, I reply that their systems are not yet ready to handle this higher level of energy, and that only with time will their symptoms abate.  Now I too must consider that the same holds for me--sometimes I still experience more energy that I can "safely" handle without an accompanying reaction of pain.

As for me, I would not forego the pleasure in order to avoid the discomfort.  I am still convinced that those of us undergoing such experiences contribute to the overall raising of vibrations for our species as we together move into a higher evolutionary state.

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