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Saturday, August 17, 2013

More on Damanhur 

More on Damanhur

Friday night I attended the opening presentation of Damanhur, the spiritual community I posted about earlier.  The talk lived up to expectations.  This remarkable group has, among other things, recorded the “conversation” of living plants and transformed these energies into tones which together become “the music of plants.”  These pieces are quite wonderful and will indeed awaken the inner energies of the listeners—at least I felt sweet flows as I listened to three beautiful plants as they "sang."

Here is a description of this phenomenon from the Damanhur site:

In Damanhur, research of Music of the Plants came about from the desire to re-establish a balanced relationship with the environment and nature. For example, as part of the spiritual path, Damanhurians chose an animal and plant name that we identify with in order to maintain awareness of this relationship and the symbiosis we have with animals and plants.

Researching and exploring aspects of human potentiality results in the amplification of individual sensitivity. As such, it's easy to intuit that plants, just like humans, animals, and other life forms, have their own intelligence and sensitivity. If you have spent some time in the woods, you know how you feel better, more relaxed and in balance after just a little time in contact with plant life. Plants are beings that are complimentary to us, with which we can create a mutually beneficial exchange.

The Music of the Plants has been researched since as early as 1976. Damanhurian researchers had created equipment capable of capturing electromagnetic changes on the surface of leaves and roots and transforming them into sounds. The desire for a profound contact with nature is also the inspiration for the ‘Plant Concerts’, where the musicians perform to the accompaniment of melodies created by the trees.

As early as 1976, Damanhurian researchers had created equipment capable of capturing electromagnetic changes on the surface of leaves and roots and transforming them into sounds.The trees learn to control their electrical responses, as if they are aware of the music they are creating. Research continues on creating a model of this device easily available to the public so that this profound experience of communication with the plant world can be shared with whoever desires it. If you would like more information about the existing model of the device for the Music of the Plants, contact us here.

Concerts of Tree Music are held regularly in Damanhur and have been presented at festivals in Europe, India, the United States and Canada. Several of these experiences have already been made into collections on the musical CDs produced which can be purchased via CDBaby.com (click here to purchase), iTunes (Click here to purchase), Amazon, Google Play, eMusic, Rhapsody, Spotify, Deezer, Last.fm, Nokia, and many more.

If you go to the site below, you will be directed to a recording of this music:


However, I must add that listening to the recorded music did not offer the same effect
as listening to the plants live.

I am also planning to attend the workshop on August 23 at Caritas (Boulder) focusing on their unusual healing techniques.   Here is a link for this workshop for those wanting (and able) to attend.  I understand that Damanhur representatives plan to visit other parts of the country in future, so perhaps they will show up where you live.
For more information, check out the flyer at the CaritasSpiritusCenter.org
(I tried to copy that flyer onto this page, but was unsuccessful.)

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