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Friday, August 16, 2013

Poems by Peggy Wrenn 

Peggy Wrenn is one of my favorite friends and also one of my favorite poets.  Her poems reflect the gentleness of her spirit and the swift play of her imagination.

A Love Like That

Even after all this time,
The sun never says to the earth, 
"You owe Me."
Look what happens with a love like that, 

It lights the Whole Sky  -- From The Gift by Hafiz

Even after all this time
you are like the you I knew
before man landed on the moon
before abortion was legal
before we turned

we fell in love with each other,
sometimes in bed
boyfriends sequentially
loving girlfriends
and somehow
we all stayed

our bodies thicker now, faces wrinkling
our inner struggles have softened
hearts have broken
and mended

bunching ourselves up for photos
the spray of Alberta Falls
faintly smelling like the old days
a new kind of comfort now
condensed by years

after all this time
we have given up ideas
of how things should be
raised our kids, stood up for causes

found a way through the woods
by going ever deeper
into the forest

Peggy Wrenn, August 4, 2011

Give it away, whatever it is

Black jewel of pain lodged
in the crack of your broken heart

fractured feelings you’ve carried
so long for all of us
your childhood wounds

have hardened like diamonds
from centuries of pressure

you carry your story
dragging it around
a kid with a heavy
worn out blanket
carried for so long
it feels
like a part of your heart

Release your jewel
plant it like a seed
water it with your tears

until something new sprouts
watch it poke up through dark soil into light
dig your story into the earth wherever she lives near you

she will receive what you bring with pleasure
as if it were one of her own coming back home
she welcomes all gladly, no exceptions

What about you?  Do you love like a thirsty plant
loves warm spring rain and long-angled rays of light?

Bury your wound, let it go
what you will get in return is a voice
not heard above ground for centuries
something new growing
with full permission
to sing the song
only it knows.

Peggy Wrenn, 2010

Bombing the Moon, Dec. 21, 2009

Dear Moon Mother,

I’m writing to express my unblinking horror and deep regret that men from earth bombed you.  Your pristine white light is the beacon for my soul, the balm for my spirit when night terrors strike.  Reading Goodnight Moon to my son and worshipping your goddess energy has taught me about peace, forgiveness, and silvery light that cleanses my lungs and renews my spirit.

I love you so much, Moon, I can’t believe beings of my species were so cruel, ignorant and destructive.

So I’m going to take a stand for you Mother Moon, today.

I’m going to NASA to sit naked at their entrance until they remember their manners.  I’m going to squat there with 1000 other women of all colors and give birth to little earths and little moons, so new and fragile and fresh from the womb that they glisten like jewels.  We will carry these beings into the offices of NASA and place one in every man’s hands.  They will weep with regret and shame and gladly change their ways.

Sincerely, with love, Peggy Wrenn

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