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Friday, August 30, 2013

The Offering (poem by Dorothy) 

Recently I have been publishing Linda Heiderer's delightful account of her experience in 
Anna Breidenbach's Animal Communication workshop.  (More to come next week!)  This morning, as a kind of synchronicity, I found this poem in my e-mail  It is one I had written a few months back and (to be honest) had even forgotten until I got this notice that it had been reprinted in an English literary journal.  It is intended to be a kind of symbolic expression of how it feels to surrender completely to divine energies (Kundalini)--as if one sacrifices all that comprises the "ordinary self" in order to unite with what is higher, unknown, and mysterious.

The Offering

I have placed my heart
on this altar,
and now the animals come
one by one,
the lion,
the leopard,
even the hyena,
each taking their share.

They have arrived
to consume,
deliver me where
their own most
secret meaning abides,
cells and blood,
hide and bone.

Listen and you can
hear my voice calling
in their roar.
How I float
from sinew to
How I drift
among the
hidden currents
of their veins.

At times I wonder,
Who am I now?
How much rapture
can I bear?

Dorothy Walters
January 22, 2013


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