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Friday, September 13, 2013

Another day of the big flood 

They told us to stay home today, but it wasn't raining and there was no apparent damage to my apartment nor its surroundings, so I decided to make a run to the grocery store, to stock up a bit more for the continuing crisis.  The sidewalks were clear and traffic was flowing (though just about half the usual number of cars were traveling this busy street).  I told myself that if I encountered obstacles, I could just turn around and come back home.

At first things seemed fairly normal.  I saw a young runner, a man on a bicycle and another on a skateboard.  True, the service station on the far corner was closed, but that was no reason for concern.

I then came upon a stretch of sidewalk totally covered with mud, but I circumvented it by stepping onto the grass along the side, wondering how the mud had gotten there.

When I reached my grocery store, I found that it was closed, and that a big vehicle with a giant hose attached was vacuuming out its interior.  It seems that during the night a great wave of water had come crashing into this area, sweeping many of the contents of this store from the front and out the back.  I was told that it might be many weeks before the store would be able to open again.

Reluctantly, I turned back home, stopping at the coffee shop next door to the grocery (it was undamaged) for some comfort food--a small poppy seed cake, a piece of spanikopia, and a small bag of chips.  I returned home and had my delicious lunch, thinking of all those who had lost everything in the flood, or who were still stranded and waiting for help to arrive.

I felt again extremely lucky to be spared any real inconvenience or loss before this Biblical event (it is now accepted that this is indeed a 100-year flood, and some even call it a 500-year flood).  I realized that in fact I have been quite near other such major disasters without experiencing any real loss or damage.   I was in San Francisco for the great earthquake of l989 but my house stood firm (it was old but built on bedrock, it seems.)  I was also in S. F. during the huge fire that devastated much of the Oakland hills, in which many lost their homes and some even their lives.  I was in Boulder when a major fire destroyed much property just west of the city, even threatening the west side of city.  But in none of these had I been a victim or even suffered property loss.

So I offer prayers for all those who were not so fortunate, and hope that things will improve soon--though more rain is predicted for the next few days, and there may be even more damage.

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