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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Exit Signs"--poem by Larry Robinson 

Exit Signs

Wherever I am I notice exit signs.
(Most seem to be printed in TIMES CAPITAL.)
I particularly like the lighted ones,
even though they can distract you from the movie.
The green ones are the most common,
although there are a fair number of red ones.
Once in a great while
you can see a luminous blue one,
glowing like a sapphire in the dark.
Even printed paper signs taped above a doorway
give me a warm feeling.

I must admit, though, that doors saying
“Emergency Exit Only!” give me pause.
When you open them, all kinds of things happen:
lights flash, bells and sirens go off
and people get very upset.
Sometimes they yell at you or
threaten to eject you from the premises.
I open them anyway.

But my favorite exit sign
is the story of Shakyamuni
who planted himself under the bo tree
vowing to sit until he awakened -
and kept his vow!
That one shines like a beacon
through the darkest night.

- Larry Robinson
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