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Monday, September 02, 2013

Food Poisoning 

Now I have discovered that after all my speculation and theorizing, it was in fact food poisoning that I was suffering from.  My friend who ate the same lunch also had a reaction, only hers was not as severe as mine.  I finally feel o.k. (after 10 days of misery).

However, I still feel that the "highs" of Kundalini can bring on the "lows" of the body.  Only usually they are not this intense (as least not for me).  Each of us is different, and I
believe that we learn more about this mysterious process through sharing.  We do not simply reach a state of ecstasy and remain there.  We go up and down, experience bliss and pain, apparently in a process that never ends.  Yet for most of us, the overall result
is worth the difficulties that accompany the joy.

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