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Monday, September 23, 2013

"Soul of a Real Lover" (Rumi, tr. Harvey) 

Soul of a Real Lover

The soul of a real Lover spurns all animal fodder,
Only in the wine of bliss can his soul find peace.
Through the Grace of Shams-ud-Din of Tabriz, you will possess
A heart at once drunk and supremely lucid.
Love is here like the blood in my veins and skin
He has annihilated me and filled me only with Him
His fire has penetrated all the atoms of my body
Of "me" only my name remains; the rest is Him.

- Jalal-ud-Din Rumi
(tr. Andrew Harvey)

(Somehow, I cannot resist a poem from Rumi that describes the condition of DIVINE LOVE  which brings us into a state of heavenly bliss.  Even when we do not experience this state as a somatic experience, we know what it means to be "drunk on
God."  Sometimes those overcome with such intense ecstatic feelings cannot even move by themselves or speak coherently.  When one great saint attempted to explain what divine ecstasy was, he himself fell into rapture, and had to be assisted across the room.

I feel that this experience is available to all of us, under the right conditions.  However, if we are not fully prepared--physically, spiritually, emotionally--the result can be the opposite of what we are seeking.

In this poem, Rumi speaks of his own beloved Shams (his teacher and possibly his lover) as a "stand-in" for God.  Anyone who has felt the extreme bliss of Kundalini will recognize what it means to say "His fire has penetrate all the atoms of my body" as well as "Love is here like the blood in my veins and skin."  These are strong metaphors, but when one is "under the influence" of divine Love, such is the feelings that are aroused.  And even when such responses diminish over time, we have the sweet memory of earlier moments when we were so deeply moved.

(Portrait of Rumi from internet)

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