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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Still Here 

Someone just called to remind me that I had not posted on my blog today.  I think I got so involved in following the television images and stories that I forgot that others might be checking my welfare through the blog.

My news is still good--no real problems near where I live, still dry and with plenty of food and supplies.  The predicted additional rains did not fall nearby.  I have remained indoors again today, but somehow expect that by tomorrow things will be
clear enough to walk to a grocery or wherever.  I must say that I am hoping that the sun will return and give us a little boost that way.

The numbers of those who have been impacted are staggering--I am not good at remembering the figures, but I do know that they estimate that there have been more helicopter evacuations during this crisis than there were during Katrina.  Over 1,000 people still need to be evacuated, and it may take days to reach them.  One building in Boulder that was literally crushed by the water and mud is where I have gone for massage--it also contained an alternative health school.  A man standing by a raging river in a nearby town said that usually this was a small stream maybe 2 feet across--now it is over 100 feet wide.

This is an event that no one could have predicted (including the weather people) and now that it has happened it is hard to believe that such a thing could occur.  It will doubtless take years to repair all the damage to property and of course the loss of life will be a source of sorrow for a very very long time.

One good note is that apparently some of the rivers are going down rather than rising.   I am grateful to have been spared the suffering so many have endured.  Once again, we are reminded that our lives and our world can change in an instant, and there is really no way to foresee today what may happen tomorrow.

(The title of this post is taken from the book that Ram Das wrote after his stroke.  His earlier famous title was "Be Here Now."  His later book was called "Still Here.")

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