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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The Intelligence of Kundalini 

More and more I am convinced that Kundalini possesses a "divine intelligence" that will guide you on your journey, if you will allow it to do so.  Sometimes all it takes is a gentle prodding to put you on the right track.
This morning I was in a bit of a hurry to get to the grocery store before the extreme heat of the day set in.  I needed to get food in the house, having been too sick for many days to venture out. So I "decided"  (I thought) to skip all but the most essential elements of my practice, and get going as soon as  possible for my customary walk to the store a few
blocks away.
But Kundalini had other plans for me.  Even while I was still getting dressed, I noticed soft stirrings inside--and these became ever sweeter, even as I rocked gently back and forth on my toes.  So of course I continued, and indeed had one of the loveliest practices
in many days, with much soft rapture flowing.
Indeed, I wanted to continue all morning, but finally tore myself away from this "divine love making" and went to the store like a good girl.
Then when I got back home, I found the following e-mail on my computer from a channeling group located in South Africa.  Their message seemed particularly apt for me, given my recent "purge" from food poisoning.  I find this group particularly fascinating, though, as always, I take all with a grain of salt.
And, once again, I wondered why it was necessary to undergo these often disturbing experiences in our "ascension" path.  And the answer, as always, was that in order to evolve, we must undergo constant "recalibration," and continue to undergo initiation after initiation, each one a marker on our never ceasing progression into the light.  Each new stage is a challenge, and, once balance is achieved as we integrate the new frequencies, we are made ready for yet another advance in this mysterious process. 

The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network
Subject: The Seven Sacred Fires of Purification tele/webinar with Anrita Melchizedek
Date: September 2, 2013 10:26:15 AM MDT
To: Dorothy Walters
Reply-To: info@pleiadianlight.net

The Sacred Cosmic Fire of Purification ~ Message from the Elders             Mp3
download http://pleiadianlight.net/free-downloads [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e

Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now in this
month of September as you experience the sacred Cosmic Fire of Purification. In
its simplest form, sweet ones, this is the expansion of Light within the physical
body, or rather, an Initiation of Spiritual Light, which allows you as the physical
vessels of Light, as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love, to carry
out the Will of the Divine to co-create Heaven on Earth ~ and it is the intention
of God's Light that directs and guides you in your everyday life ~ purifying the
physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual bodies.

So let us start, sweet ones, by surrounding you now in these beautiful copper-gold
and pink-gold Flames of Purification. The Flames of Purification have been experienced
through the four elements of air, water, earth, and fire, and through each religion
for eons of time, and it is these rituals of purification that take you into a deeper
sense of your connection to the Divine, sweet ones. And over this month of September
you can bring a focus to a greater level of your own purification, to a greater
level of the spiritual Light that you hold within your bodies as these transfiguring
flames of Divine Love. This purification process is experienced too through the
energetic cleansing of your homes, of the physical bodies through energizing food
and exercise, and of the emotional bodies through the removing of particular obstacles,
allowing you to go into the shadows as Source Light; allowing you to embrace the
shadow aspects of yourselves, allowing you to truly see with your Master Eyes,
as to what it is you need to shift and change within yourselves to create harmonious
and balanced relationships with those around you. It is a time too, sweet ones,
as you align deeper into your spiritual purpose, you do so with greater clarity,
you do so with deeper understanding, with compassion and with Love.

This month of September, from a ritual perspective of purification, starts through
Rosh Hashanah, which begins on Wednesday September 4th, and is amplified by the
New Moon on September 5th. During the 48 hours of Rosh Hashanah, individual and
collective destiny is planted in seed form and unfolds throughout the year through
the Spiritual Light of Mother/Father God in selfless service to the Divine. And
this energy of Purification, sweet ones, allows you to truly see this shift in consciousness
and change that is occurring on both a personal and planetary level.

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