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Monday, September 30, 2013

When angels appear unexpectedly 

When angels appear unexpectedly:

This late afternoon I had tea with a friend at
a nearby shopping center.  As it grew dark, she left
to walk home, and I waited to call a cab--but when I
reached for my cell phone, it was nowhere to be found.
Great, I thought.  Here I am in this half deserted shopping
center, with no cell phone, at a location too far to walk,
and to add insult to injury, I realized I really needed a
bathroom.  But where would I find one?

I saw a grocery not far away and decided to try there.  As
I stepped in the door, someone called my name.  It was
a person I had met earlier in a workshop, who recognized
me although frankly I did not recognize her.  When I asked
her if there was a restroom in the store, she guided me to
the right location.

And then, believe it or not, she was happy to take me

This event would not seem so remarkable had I lived in
in this city longer and built up a large selection of friends,
But the truth is, I know relatively few people here, and
almost never meet anyone I know in public.

Thus she became my good angel.  I might add it was
in fact a delight to get to know this woman better on the way home.  And
it was her birthday, so she was happy to run into me.
Miracles do happen, I believe.

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