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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Wise Words from a Survivor 

Here is a piece that someone who survived the great flood of recent days sent to me.
I do not have the name of the author.

Two weeks ago tonight I celebrated my 46th birthday at home with my family. At 2 am that night we were woken up by the 500 year flood roaring through our valley. The past two weeks have put every hardship I have ever faced to shame. And yet ... they have been magical and powerful and full of wonder and awe in the most unexpected of ways.

Just some of the lessons I am learning:

1) hard times don't have to be bad times;
2) big boys do cry, and it helps;
3) helplessness, vulnerability, and impotence are prerequisites for grace;
4) we absolutely, positively have no idea where the grace will come from;
5) we - humanity - are hard wired to take care of one another;
6) destruction can clear the way for something better;
7) angels are real;  if you have community you will have more than you need;
9) we need less than we think;
10) that neighbor you've never really known cares about you - and you care about them.
11) Lyons Colorado is a poster child of America at its best.
"Kindness in thought leads to wisdom.
 Kindness in speech leads to eloquence.
 Kindness in action leads to love."


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