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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sedona conference on Ascension Rising 

Here is information about a conference coming up in Sedona in early November.   Be sure to check it out at the website listed below.  I will not be attending, but I am truly
impressed by the topics to be addressed in these workshops--you can read more about these at the website at the bottom of the page.  These were areas almost unknown a few years ago, and now this once "secret" information is readily available.

Here is updated information about the Ascension Rising Conference. The Hilton will extend the Early Bird Rate of $149.00 + tax for the one bedroom suites with fireplaces and mini kitchens to the 20th of Oct.  Hilton will also honor the early bird ticket prices of 20% off until the 20th to keep it easy for people to register.  The link to register is www.galacticu.com/live.html

There will be a GalacticU Costume Ball on Friday night, Nov 1st, from 7 to 10pm which is open to the public.  People are asked to dress like their favorite Galactic Being (costume not required to be present at the ball). There will be door prizes and costume prizes for best dressed and funniest. For tickets please go to: www.galacticu.com/costumeball.html

There will be a screening of the Director's Cut of the movie "FEMME- Women Healing the World" on Saturday Nov 2nd from 7pm- 9pm followed by a Q&A with Celeste Yarnall who appears in the film. This is also open to the public. Here is the link for tickets: www.galacticu.com/femme.html

There are still Vending and Advertisement opportunities available - the link to find out more about vending is: www.galacticu.com/live.html at the bottom of the page.

For workshop information and to purchase tickets go here:

Sierra Neblina, founder of GalacticU
GalacticU Radio Tuesday Nights 9pm EST:

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