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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

More on possible crystal children 

Recently, I posted on two of the amazing child prodigies featured on You Tube and also on the Huffington Post.  The latter includes several other "wunderkind" including tsungtsunghk, a 5-year-old pianist of mind boggling ability.  It is worth watching his video to see his smile once he has finished. (I believe he is now 7--he has, among other things, appeared on Ellen.)

Another child who caught my special attention (though all did in one way or another) is
to be found on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JN2SQ4m7M04    This 3-year-old violinist is so tiny he can hardly hold his instrument up to his chin.  But he also offers an amazing performance, one that can hardly be believed.

Almost all of the children performing as prodigies seemed to love what they did--some spent many hours a day practicing and obviously had a great time doing so.  Their art was not so much an imposed discipline as a beloved activity from which they gained much satisfaction and pleasure.  And they showed no trepidation or stage fright when they performed in public.

The question that we have, is whether or not these are indeed the "crystal children" who have been predicted for so long.  Are we now in a special era when a whole generation of children of incredible abilities are coming forth?

One of my friends scoffed at this notion, pointing out (correctly) that such children may have been born in equal numbers in many previous eras, but without the aid of current media and other social advantages, they may have existed quite unknown outside their villages or the rural provinces where they lived.  And, in fact, they may not have had the opportunity to develop their talents except in a most rudimentary way.

Certainly, children today have (in the developed world, at least) advantages far beyond those of their predecessors.  But that, I think, is the point.  Children are being born in
impressive numbers who--through technology and the digital era--are able to express
their gifts at a remarkable age.  Science and innate talent offer a unique opportunity for
the "crystal children" to appear among us.

(Note: Earlier we heard of the "indigo children," so called because they were assigned to the indigo segment of the color chart that the inventor of the term used to assign children to various categories according to their temperaments and gifts.  The "crystal children" are said to be yet an advance over the indigos, bringing event more talents and capacities into our world.  Some believe that these crystal children will in fact save our world from its present follies, for they will display capacities for leadership innovation that will bring us into new and needed ways of thinking and doing.  Let us hope that these predictions are right and that these young world saviors hurry!)

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