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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Poem by Jan Elvee--Processing (After Witnessing Someone Else Dance in the Workshop)  


I won't be good at this,
I have no visual memory.
And yet, here she is and here I am.
Something in me has been drawn,
mysteriously, to her,
as if I've known her always.

She begins.  My self-consciousness lessens.
I become very warm, pulling my sweater off over my head,
trying not to lose sight of her even for a second.

I get lost in her movements,
organic, exploratory,
joyful, meditative soaring.
Her beauty is overwhelming.
It touches me deeply.
I could, if I would let myself,
sob unendingly in gratitude for 
the exquisiteness of this experience, 
to be witness to another's vulnerability,
to connect on a level much deeper 
than words can describe.

Jan Elvee

(Note from Dorothy:  After we experience Kundalini awakening, we can easily be roused to bliss or joy just by watching something such as a dancer performing before us.  It is
as if each movement or turn awakenings some state of rapturous response within, and we
then become secret partners in the dance.)

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