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Friday, November 22, 2013

Signs in the Sky 

Signs in the Sky

(inspired by Lynn Ungar)

I am not one
for seeking signs
in the sky,
for skrying into plates
juicy with water,
or discovering stones
on the path
with secret symbols,
directions to heavenly realms.

Yet when I go forth
and find these blinding
colors of fall--
indigo, vermillion, bronze--
entering my place of seeing,
piercing me
with yearning always for more,
of knowing the world
around me, as something
I lack words to describe,
but can only say
(in a measured whispered tone),
Yes, yes,
this is what I meant,
what a perfect
seer and seen united,
whatever it is
already come
down and entering where I am,
is this not a blessing?

Dorothy Walters

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