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Friday, November 29, 2013

Sometimes Miracles 

Sometimes Miracles

Something always happens.

We leave a trail of crumbs to
find our way back home,
but the birds devour our carefully
marked trail,
and we are left there stranded,
ready food for the
wicked one ahead.

We descend into the cellar maze
and confront the beast
who has lived so long
but then discover that we have somehow
forgotten our weapon,
left it at home
or dropped it on the way.
What then?

We rise, finally, into the clouds,
like the circling birds we have envied
for so many lifetimes,
but we miscalculate the distance,
find our wings melting
from too much sun,
as if they are covered in wax
(and they are)
and we plummet
in a final descent.

But the universe
forgives us.
Calls us back for another
devise a different ending,
compose some other script.

We are the story tellers
who never give up,
who craft a tale
always more to our liking,
sometimes miracles occur
in this life or the next,
they are never foreseen,
some call it fate.

Dorothy Walters
November 22, 2013

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