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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What Will You Do? 

What Will You Do

What will you do
with the last good days?
                      Lynn Ungar

Who was it asked,
what if this present were the world’s
last night?

Do you remember John Donne,
man of notable prayer?
Rogue clergy
who counseled us,
seek not for whom the bell
tolls, and then added the
unwelcome revelation?

At the bottom of the sea
a hundred lost cities
lie buried in sand.
No one knows their purpose
or even their names.
Some men of learning
even doubt that they

Each morning we wake
and, like performers
on a tight rope
take our long staves
and go forth.
To fall either way
is annihilation,
into either despair
or immeasurable joy.

Which will you choose,
now at the end of choosing,
now that the final choice is
standing before us,
wearing its motley uniform,
its reminder of necessity,
love and fear together mixed?

Dorothy Walters
November 22, 2013

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