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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Marianne Williamson for Congresss 

As a rule, I do not post on Sunday, but I just listened to an inspiring webcast that I wanted to share with you.
This webcast was a presentation by Marianne Williamson, known to thousands as a major spiritual teacher, lecturer, counselor and writer in our time.  She has written many spiritual volumes, several of which have been on the N. Y. Times bestseller list for weeks.
To be honest, I have never followed her work very closely, assuming that she was simply another New Age prophet, with a fundamental message similar to all the rest.
But now her life and message have turned around.  Marianne Williamson is running for the House of Representatives from her district  in southern California.  As she explains, she is doing this because she feels we are in a state of national and global crisis, and that,
unless right minded people come forward, our society will not exist beyond one or two hundred years in the future.
Here are a few of the salient points she made:
l. Money is at the root of all our problems.  Once the Supreme Court opened the way for
big corporations to make unlimited and anonymous contributions, the latter became, in effect, the rulers of our country and democracy suffered a fatal blow.
2. We should try to reverse the monopoly currently exercised by big money and restore the fundamentals of democratic rule in every way we can--perhaps by a constitutional amendment.
3. Even though other idealists have tried and failed to restore decency and democratic principles to the  political process and failed (Dennis Kucinich being a prime example), we should not give up hope.  Such major social movements as the emancipation of the slaves, the women's suffrage movement (and I might add-the feminist movement and gay liberation and spiritual transformation)--all started very slowly with only a few committed souls waging what appeared to be a losing battle.  (Note: I have seen the same thing happen with kundalini.  Once a virtually unknown topic in the West, it has in recent decades become almost a buzz word--for better or worse.)  So it takes only a small core of devoted activists to effect change.  And--TIMES ARE DIFFERENT NOW IN TERMS OF THE POLITICAL LANDSCAPE.  PEOPLE ARE READIER THAN THEY ONCE WERE TO UNDERSTAND AND STAND AGAINST THE POWERS THAT CURRENTLY HAVE A STRANGLEHOLD ON OUR SYSTEM.  As she pointed out, if
a song is to be heard, someone must sound the first note.  (I think this point is especially important for those of us who have supported many idealist causes and candidates over the years and feel that our efforts have been and will continue to be in vain.)
4.  She will be attacked and ridiculed by many in the mainstream press.  She will be dismissed as a "New Age nut case" by many, even though her message is that of fundamental democratic principles.  She says she is prepared to withstand such mockery.
5. She would like those who agree with her efforts to contribute even a small amount (such as $5.00) to her cause at: Mariannefor Congress  or else send a check to
MarianneWilliamson  for Congress.com
1507 7th St.
Santa Monica, CA  90401
6. Marianne says her purpose is not necessarily to win this election but to speak her truth
and to contribute to a conversation that we as citizens of an endangered democracy need to have.
7.  You can hear this talk on:  http://beyondawakeningseries.com/blog/archive/
I strongly urge you to take the time to listen.  You will not be disappointed.

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