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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"Now that You Have Destroyed Me"--poem by Dorothy 

Now that You Have Destroyed Me

Now that you have
destroyed me,
oh, my Beloved,
what am I to do with
my life?

I try to listen
to the sayings
of the savants and
wise men,
but everything seems
like something
I know already,
and don’t need to be
told again.

I try to follow the practices
in the books,
but these are dull,
tasteless like bread that never rose--
they don’t take me
anywhere, leave me
stranded between
ennui and despair.

The Shakti, the love thrilling
the veins,
where is it?  I ask,
and turn the page.

Only when  I am with you,
my Beloved,
only when we are alone,
silence knitting us
together as one being,
only then am I

Dorothy Walters
December 14, 2013

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