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Monday, January 13, 2014

Delightful Odors 

One experience that many report after Kundalini awakening, is smelling wondrous odors during meditation.  I have had such an experience only once before, when visiting a sacred spiritual center (Yogananda's ashram) in southern California.  This center, poised on the top of a cliff, includes a beautiful garden located to one side.  The garden contains wondrous odors, and that in itself was not surprising.  But when I left the site and descended into the town below, the lovely scent followed me and then continued for some half hour or so as I wandered through the village.

That experience occurred years ago and I have not experienced it since--until Friday.
Our presenter at the group devoted to exploration of "peripheral" topics explained that he had had a Kundalini awakening many years ago.  Convinced that over 99% of the universe is made up of energy, he has devoted his life to researching energy itself and crafting items that utilize the effects of sacred geometry in jewelry that one can hold or wear. When he passed around some of his creations, I held one--two tiny interlocked rings that were infused with sacred vibrations.  As I cradled them between my palms, I sensed one of the most delightful odors I have ever experienced.  It is, of course, impossible to describe such olfactory sensations, but what I smelled seemed to be a blend of some unknown spice with some other equally unknown perfume.  I could have sat there and enjoyed my sensory "fix" all afternoon but I knew that others awaited their turn.

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