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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jay Ramsay--"Places of Truth" 

(Here is a note from Jay Ramsay):

dear friends,
this (Places of Truth) is now available direct from Amazon on the link below; updated from the original 2009 edition, now including the sequence in the Sinai Desert commissioned by the Makhad Trust and Danny Schmulevitch, our desert guide, in support of the Bedouin people there who were our hosts.

The previous sequences which culminate in 'Sinai' are: 'Twyn Meditations', 'By the Shores of Loch Awe','The Oak', 'The Sacred Way' (written for Martin Palmer's Sacred Britain), 'Culbone', and 'The Mountain'. I do hope you enjoy it—

warm wishes


(Note: this book is a series of poems dedicated to sacred places in England and elsewhere.)

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