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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Spiritual "Pods"--Barbara Marx Hubbard 

When I had my intense awakening experience, now some thirty years ago, one of the insights that was give to me was that the next phase of human evolution would involve what I called "group souls."  These would be collectives of like minded individuals who would come together on the next (after life) plane to form an aggregate that would be "greater than the sum of its parts."  No one would be required to surrender their personal identity to become a member of the group soul.  Each would retain his/her own subjective self, but would nonetheless function as part of the group activities.

Barbara Hubbard is now calling for the creation of similar groups, called "pods,' on this earth.   What follows is a summary of her thoughts on this subject.  Personally, I wonder if such "collectives" are not already formed and forming at this crucial time, when "like is drawn to like" and kindred souls seen each other out for support and as aids to their mutual advancement.

Here is the notice I received recently from The Shift Network about Barbara's thoughts on this subject:

Barbara Marx Hubbard shared with us recently the concept of evolving from Me, to We, to The New Whole.  This is really the simplest way to describe the evolutionary journey that she is articulating and guiding in such a profound way. 
Consciousness is evolving into a new level of wholeness through us--first as individuals, then as a collective, and finally as ONE with the larger fabric of Being itself. 

But to experience this New Whole, we must first cocreate the necessary conditions.  As Barbara and many others are now actively discovering, the next phase of evolution can be supported to emerge through the power of communal ‘pods’ - transformational groups that form something like an energetic chrysalis to support our transformation. 

By joining together in a larger field of cocreative intelligence, members of the pod can tap into higher wisdom and shift more rapidly into expanded states.   

We then become capable of scripting a new story of our future, where we literally fuse ourselves with the same field of light and WHOLENESS that mystics throughout history have accessed.  In this process, we activate our non-local light bodies that accelerate our collective healing and evolution.   

The creation of these pods is an integral aspect of the Sacred Journey of the Conscious Evolutionary, the six-month journey Barbara will be leading with Patricia Ellsberg, beginning February 4th.   

We’d love to hear your thoughts about these pods and your own vision of what they might offer in this brief survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NLCBY89 

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