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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The Passing of Chloe 

                                 (photo of Young Chloe, by Stephanie Marohn)

My dear friend Stephanie Marohn has recently moved to the "Gold Country" in eastern California (the Sierras).  She now lives with her beloved animals there in a well fenced acreage where all can relax and roam and be happy.  I visited her in her new home while I was in California over Christmas, and was able to see Chloe, her beloved sheep of many years, as the later entered her final days.  While I was there, Chloe (who had been unable to get up alone or even eat) suddenly seemed reinvigorated--she got up and walked around her pen, and even ate hay.  But she seemed distracted, moving often in circles.  She died a few days later.
It seems that this behavior is consistent with that of many humans as they near death.  They suddenly acquire new energy, as if they are infused with renewed strength and will to live.  There is actually a name for this phenomenon (I ran across it once in the writings of Kathryn Anne Porter) but I have never been able to locate it since.  If anyone happens to know what it is, I would appreciate being informed.

Here is Stephanie's account of what happened--to her, Chloe was like a beloved child.

Stephanie Marohn - Sanctuary News

Hi Dorothy

Sad news. Chloe passed on Friday, January 3 at noon. Her body just couldn't carry her any farther, though her will to live was strong. I take comfort in the happiness of her life.

One of the founding members of the sanctuary, she was only a month old when she arrived with her beloved mother, Queenmere, and another relative, Charlotte. Her cousin Wonder was born 2 months later and the family lived in loving togetherness. Chloe was the last of that original Columbian flock. Like her mother, she lived to be 14 years old, which is an advanced age for a sheep. With the arrival of the new young flock, Chloe stepped into the queenly leadership her mother modeled so well. The flock looked to Chloe as the leader to the very end, despite her increasing frailty.

On Friday, when the other sheep came back from their grazing to where Chloe had been lying in her final days and found her gone, they all set up a baaing, and Fleur-de-Lys, her adopted daughter, went all around the barn looking for her. Since then, they and the donkeys have been standing on Chloe's grave often.

I am thankful that Chloe made it to our new home, got to enjoy it for nearly 4 months, and be buried here so we can visit her grave.

Queen Chloe, we all miss you, but you will be in our hearts forever.

Stephanie and the animals
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