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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

More on Michael Black 

I received this reflection from the website of PureGraceLight.  It is a beautiful tribute to Michael Black, who left the planet a year ago:

Reflecting Virtues: The Virtue of Reverence
Posted on September 22, 2013

Blessed are the Peace Makers

There is such elegance, grace and beauty of expression in these hands that I find myself deeply comforted and reminded of how precious life is.  Michael, a dear friend of mine who passed on this year had always felt a connection with wolves.  He dreamed of them and carried them in his heart as his animal totem. This pelt of Cloudfoot, a timber wolf, is a very special one.  It is often used in sacred ceremony and it had an incredibly powerful effect on Michael and his ability to feel into the vast wisdom of the wolf.  He felt its vibrant energy immediately as he placed his hands on it with such tenderness and gratitude.  It speaks so strongly to my heart of the virtue of reverence for all life.  He expressed such unconditional love for these animals he had not ‘known’ in a physical way. This photo is a constant reminder to me of how cherished we are by the Creator and how we too can share that reverence for all life and cherish one another.   Thank you Michael.  May your journey continue to be a blessing.


Dear friends,

It has been a year since our dear  Michael left the physical form.
On Thursday we are gathering to remember Michael , to share the many ways he has touched our lives and to "play in the cosmic sand box".

Please join us on Thursday Feb 27Th at 7:00PM
at Dynamic Energy Crystal Gallery
21 Princess ST, Sausalito  (415) 729-9559 Luz Helena
Meditation starts at 7:30PM.

If you feel prompted to write a card to Walker Black his 17 year old son, it would be a lovely offer, please  share your experience with Michael and how he has touched your life.

"Death is neither something to be judged nor feared, but rather approached with compassionate dignity.
The Arc of life is both fleeting and profound; our lessons stemming from BEING present all along the way.You are being invited to hold space for the living and the dead, for in their conscious re-union is an opportunity to return to celebrating the entirety of life; carrying forward accumulated lessons which, once acknowledged, cease being either "tears or breaks in the field of love". 2/27/2013 Michael Black

Please bring some food to share and a pillow to sit.

In deepest appreciation and gratitude,

IAM the Light of my Soul,

(Picture found on Pure/Grace/Light website)

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