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Monday, February 03, 2014

The KIndness of Strangers 

Sometimes when we think about all the problems of the world we get depressed and think that people are no darn good.

Then something comes along that tells a different story.

Yesterday, I found that I simply had to stock up on groceries and supplies, for a major
cold front was approaching and I was running out of essentials.  It was too cold to walk, even the short distance to my grocery, so I rode over in a cab, and planned to return the same way.

But unfortunately, when I tried to call the cab for the return trip, I could not get through to the dispatcher (NFL fever.)  At this  point, I offered to pay anyone who would give me a ride for my four-block trip home ten dollars, but learned that because of liability concerns, store employees could not offer this service. Then the young woman at the checkout counter offered to try her luck with the cab company, and I was grateful for the offer.  Otherwise I would have had a very cold and difficult walk ahead of me.

She was unable to call out from her front desk, so she stepped into the deli section to use their phone.  One of the men there--the susui chef--heard what was going on, and immediately offered to give me a ride--free.  He was, it turned out, an independent merchant, not bound by the rules of the store, and he was finishing work in a few minutes.

This kind person took me home and helped me get my purchases to the elevator.  At that point a young man who lives on my floor appeared and offered to help me to my apartment.  As he lifted my groceries into my apartment, he remarked, "This should be called grocery shopping by committee."  Indeed, it sometimes takes a village.

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