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Friday, February 07, 2014

UFO's and Kundalini 

Like many others, I have long been intrigued by accounts of UFO sightings, abductions, crop circles, balls of light, ancient structures--the whole field of unexplained activities involving what appear to be foreign agencies and their effects on us and our planet.  Listed below is an interview with one  person (Galen Sharp) on this topic from NonDuality Highlights.

(Galen Sharp is the author of What Am I? A Study in Non-Volitional Living:

As well as the link to the interview, the posting included a summary of the topics covered, including the following.

30:20 - 37:16 UFO sighting in Africa by school children and reported by Dr. John E. Mack. Kundalini experiences related and their applicability to UFO understanding.

This reference is the first I have come across that connects Kundalini experiences to the UFO phenomenon, but it is a topic I have pondered for quite some time.  I have no verifiable information on this subject, but I do have many questions.

My first observation is that the UFO's appear to be powered by some kind of unknown energies--and so do Kundalini awakenings.  Of course, these are not the same energy--but both draw our attention to energy as such, a field that is getting more and more attention as scientists discover that our phenomenal world is in fact made up primarily of energy, not solid matter as once thought.

When spontaneous Kundalini awakening occurs, it often seems "triggered" by some unknown force--as if some kind of "outside agent" were involved.  Could the subject, perhaps someone more sensitive that others, "pick up" on this unusual energy which then resonates in his/her own body and opens the Kundalini channels?  Are these subjects those with their "antennae" out farther than most others and thus most susceptible to these energetic forces arriving from elsewhere?  If the energetic frequencies are "in sync", rapture can ensue.  If they are not, then great pain and suffering may follow.

One of the overall effects of the Kundalini transformation is an apparent restructuring of the nervous system.  One literally "feels" energy within in a different fashion than before, in a manner almost impossible to describe.  Are these internal energies being brought more and more into higher levels in order to accord with those of the "visitors from outer space" who are more advanced in this way than most earth dwellers?

Please know that I am just engaging in pure speculation in all of this--I certainly have no definitive answers, but I do think that as we consider these unexplained phenomena of our time--including both Kundalini and UFO's--it behooves us to consider various possibilities, though none as yet is proven.

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