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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Communicating with the Dead 

Recently, a friend of mine whose relative had been killed in the 911 disaster set up a telephone session with a psychic.  She had intended this session to focus on her own concerns, but--unexpectedly--the psychic began to receive communications from the "spirit" of the deceased relative.  He mentioned the names of various family members and friends, referred to events that no "outsider" could have known, and ended with the suggestion that some type of "code word" be agreed on to ensure that his was a valid communication from "the other side".  He suggested that the code be the name of a common bird.

My friend was hesitant even to tell the bereaved relative about the incident, so she began by asking her if this bird had any special significance for her.  The widow answered that curiously enough she had dreamt about this bird two nights previous.  My friend went on to tell her about the entire episode, and the survivor was deeply comforted by this information.

Does this account "prove" that human consciousness survives physical death?  It seems to offer strong evidence and makes one wonder "what if"???

And--one wonders how much comfort this story might bring to others who lost family and loved ones in the massive disaster of 911, as well as many others of those who also have loved ones on "the other side."  It tells us, once again, that as someone said, "The world is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine."

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