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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Dorothy Poems on YouTube 

My friend, the gifted  composer and conductor Craig Hella Johnson, set four of my poems to music a few months ago: these were originally commissioned by a girl's school in Atlanta, Georgia.  Since then, certain ones of the poems have been sung by various choruses around the country, including Dallas (for the International Women's Festival of 2014), the Radcliffe women's chorus (sung at Harvard University, February, 2014), the South Dakota Senior Honor Choir of 2013, and the Minnesota Valley Chorale (late 2013).  The Radcliffe concert, which included all four poems, was not recorded and is not available.  The following are two selections available from youtube--both include the following poem ("Until Even the Angels") and offer a taste of the beautiful music Craig created for these poems:


What the heart wants
is to follow its true passion,
to lie down with it
near the reeds beside
the river,
to devour it in the caves
between the desert dunes,
to sing its notes
into the morning sky
until even the angels
wake up
and take notice
and look around
for their beloved.
(from "A Cloth of Fine Gold")



(In case these will not open for you, you can discover them on YouTube under:
Craig Hella Johnson Dorothy Poems)

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