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Monday, March 03, 2014

Marianne Williamson in California 

I today received this message from Craig Hamilton, founder of Integral Enlightenment.  Even if you cannot attend this event, it is important to know about it.  Marianne Williamson is breaking new ground in her campaign for Congress in California.  One of our leading spiritual teachers, she hope to insert certain basic values (such as love, hope, spiritual dedication) into our  political process.  And--if you can afford it--you can purchase a live stream of the program.  And if that is too much, you can check out her website and find out how to contribute a lesser amount.

Dear Dorothy,

For those of us on a spiritual path, an interest in politics may seem incongruent, especially these days when there is so much bipartisanship, negativity and vitriol in the conversation.

But when New York Times #1 bestselling author Marianne Williamson was recently asked why she’s running for Congress, she replied:

“There’s no place where spirituality stops and anything else in life begins, because spirituality is simply the journey of the heart—the journey from fear to love, from limitation to limitlessness, from living in the past to living in the present. So why wouldn’t someone with a prime focus on spirituality, with a skill set having to do with developing more loving and compassionate viewpoints and behavioral patterns, go into politics? Can you think of a place where such things are needed more?”

Understanding this connection between spirituality and politics is just one of the reasons I’m excited to support Marianne’s campaign.

I’m also excited to announce that Marianne has asked me to speak at a day-long fundraising event she’s holding in Los Angeles on Sunday, March 16th. Enlightenment, Love and Politics will feature a series of talks by my good friends and colleagues Neale Donald Walsch, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Claire Zammit, Mary Morrissey, Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Alanis Morissette, and, of course Marianne herself.

100% of all the proceeds will go to Marianne’s campaign, as she’ll need every penny to go up against  her very-well-funded competition!

And while you may well not be able to come to Los Angeles for the live event, find out how to contribute and join us online via the Livestream right here:

Watch the Livestream of this important event and help Marianne change the face of politics in Washington!          


Support Marianne and get access to the Livestream!

Marianne’s ground-breaking bid for a Congressional seat in the 33rd District in California is one of the most exciting things to happen to American politics in a long time.

As the woman who launched a whole new spiritual conversation in America with her mega bestseller, A Return to Love, Marianne is now poised to work her magic on the political conversation as well.

She’s intent on profoundly changing the game in Washington with her vision of a world that works for everyone—where love and the needs of regular people, rather than corporate profits, are the bottom line.

In addition to being a frequent faculty member in our Evolving Wisdom programs, Marianne is a New York Times #1 bestselling author, and world-renowned teacher, as well as being a prominent social activist and public speaker dedicated to making positive changes throughout the world.

But if she’s going to be a game-changer in Washington, she’s going to need our full support, and your contribution and attendance at this event, live or online, will help her to do it!

Space is limited for this important event, so be sure to order your tickets soon if you plan to attend live.

Otherwise, go here to find out how to contribute and attend online via the Livestream:

Join Evolving Wisdom and Me for this Livestream Event and Help Support Marianne’s Run For Congress!

To bringing more love into the world (and into politics),

Craig Hamilton
Founder, Integral Enlightenment
  This email was sent by: Integral Enlightenment
369-B Third Street, Suite 302 San Rafael, CA, 94901

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