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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mirabai Starr on how we are all prophets 

The more I hear and read from Mirabai Starr, the more impressed I am with the depth of her perception and the authenticity of her devotion.  She is one who has (in my view) seen the "truth," not a a maxim or an ideology, but rather as a clear, heartfelt wisdom that is crying to be heard.

If you can access "the Shift Network" you can capture some of her insights--there is even a sample of the first session of her live training exercise (see The Shift Network website)

Here is the posting from "The Shift Network" from March 8, 2014

The Way of the Feminine Mystic began this week, and what a beautiful first session with Mirabai Starr guiding so many mystics- and prophets-in-training from around the world!

To be a prophet is to be “a mouthpiece for the Divine,” and, as Mirabai shares we are all mystics and prophets.

The prophets of biblical times were individuals on fire with the love of God, determined to bring justice, love and peace to the downtrodden and suffering.

But today, Mirabai illumines that we must respond collectively to heal the brokenness in the world. Each of us is being called to sacred service, not as individual prophets on lone missions to help others, but rather as a collective force for good and love. We are the proverbial Second Coming.

We may be reluctant to answer the call, but our reluctance is actually part of the journey, as the prophets throughout millennia would attest…

Here’s a clip from “Answering the Prophetic Call” (the first session in module 1) that our team thought you’d find valuable: (see March 8 post)

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