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Monday, April 21, 2014

Colin Drake--Joy Without Cause 

(Intro comment by Sam--from ND Highlights)
Better than Eckhart Tolle, Better than Osho!

Eckhart Tolle and Osho and many other authors, spiritual teachers and gurus are profoundly important, helpful and illuminating but Colin Drake is something else….he’s significantly better at explaining spiritual awakening and how to effect enlightenment and maintain it permanently. Colin Gives the essential facts and tries not to befuddle the reader. He is very experienced with years and years of direct experience of being on the spiritual path and also crucially of enlightenment itself.

This book is very important – if you are on the spiritual path then your days of seeking are over. You’ve arrived at journeys end. This book explains everything you need to know calmly, gently and without mystical gobbledegook to become aware of your true self.

Enlightenment in one easy read is very possible!

Here is Colin’s latest article:

Joy Without a Cause

“I tell you naught for your comfort,
Yea, not for your desire,
Save that the sky grows darker yet
And the sea rises higher.

Night shall be thrice night over you,
And heaven an iron cope.
Do you have joy without a cause,
Yea, faith without a hope?

G.K. Chesterton “The Ballad of The White Horse’

John Wren Lewis describes ‘Joy Without a Cause’ as the name of God, or at least that is how he experiences God. Further the ‘Causeless Cause’ is described by Theosophists as ‘An Omnipresent, Eternal, Boundless, and Immutable Principle…’ Divya Jivan, a Vedantist of the Sivananda lineage states that‘ the Absolute is not related to anything. It is the causeless cause of all things; it is beginningless and endless, unlimited.’

Pure Awareness (Consciousness at rest) is this Omnipresent, Eternal, Boundless, Unlimited Principle (Presence) and thus can be defined as the ‘Causeless Cause’. When one discovers that, at the deepest level, one is this Pure Awareness and fully identifies with (and as) That, then one is suffused with perfect peace for This is always still, effortless, pure, silent and serene. All of this is easily realized by directly investigating one’s moment-to-moment experience and the format for this is given in the appendix.

This initial realization and the cultivation of this is the first stage of The Bodhisattva Path, of Mahayana Buddhism which they call ‘joyful’:

This stage is reached automatically once one has realized, and identified with, the deeper level of pure awareness. This creates great compassion and joy[1]: ‘Governed by compassion to liberate living beings completely, and always abiding in joy is called the first’ (1.4cd, 5ab).[2]One is now truly a bodhisattva and cannot fall back, provided one does not re-identify as an individual self:

Because he has attained this, he is addressed by the very name Bodhisattva …. all paths to lower births have ceased …. all grounds of ordinary beings are exhausted (1.5cd, 7abc).[3]

Once true self-discovery has taken place, and we experience the peace and joy of this, then all that is required is to cultivate this by further investigation whenever we revert to misidentification of ourselves as a separate object. This is easily recognized for it always will (eventually) produce mental suffering which can be used as a wake-up call to the fact that misidentification has taken place.[4]

This joy and peace is ‘the happiness that needs nothing’ described in an earlier article. Indeed this happiness is the ‘joy without a cause’, being ‘without a cause’ for it needs nothing to manifest but just wells up from the realization of no separation.

This joy has many facets including:

The relief that is engendered by realizing that no separate individual self exists (anatta) resulting in the dissolution of all burdens pertaining to the non-existent ‘me me me’ … enlightenment in the literal sense of the word.

The appreciation that occurs when the world is encountered directly and not through the filter of ‘self’ (grasping, concern, promotion, aggrandizement, interest, security, etc…), for it is found to be much brighter, more alive, friendlier, and less threatening than when encountered from separation.

The peace that is an attribute of the Pure Awareness that we already are, and the realization that this is unaffected by any ‘thing’. For all things are manifestations of Cosmic Energy, movements in Consciousness and all movements arise from, abide in , and subside back into stillness. Thus everything comes and goes in Pure awareness (Consciousness at rest) leaving it totally unchanged.

The joy of embodiment, see earlier article of this name, that is the joy of using the body/mind as an instrument (of Consciousness) for sensing, contemplating, experiencing, engaging with and acting in the world.

The compassion that arises from realizing that we, and all beings, are manifestations of the same essence and that there is truly no separation between us. This combined with realizing that all are equally valid instruments of the Absolute entails honouring all life.

The utter relaxation that occurs with the realization that there is nothing (in terms of enlightenment) to achieve, find, or acquire – as you already are That … Pure Awareness.

The fearlessness that results from this realization … as all existential angst vanishes. This is not the natural caution which results from, and causes us to avoid, real danger – but the unnecessary fear caused by misidentification and its resulting self-image (which appears to need protection), fear of the future and that caused by dwelling on the past.

All of the above stem from realizing (that we are) Pure Awareness – the ‘Causeless Cause’, and as This is causeless then so is the joy that comes from this realization – truly ‘Joy Without a Cause’! This also leads to ‘faith without a hope’ where the faith is the ‘knowing’ that is the result of this realization, requiring no hope for Pure Awareness ‘needs nothing’ … as does the happiness resulting from this.

from Dorothy
I feel that much of what is said in the above article applies directly to Kundalini, especially when it arrives in the form of bliss consciousness.  This is the pure form
of "causeless joy."  One need not be burdened with the intellectual dissection of this state to experience it in full.  When Kundalini ecstasy (or perhaps gentle bliss) arrives, one does not know its actual source (other than Ultimate Reality) or cause--one simply accepts the arrival with gratitude, and offers it up as a form of devotion to all of humanity, or even better, to "all sentient beings."  One then renews one's vow to serve the world to the best of one's ability, with whatever gifts 
have been given.
Sometimes the bliss currents seem to go away, leaving one to cope as best one can with a "dry spell," a time when nothing seems to be happening.  Then--of a sudden--they unexpectedly return and one is grateful for this divine favor.
This happened to me today (written April 20).  I was convinced that the "inner beloved" had permanently disappeared, when, voila!, there it was again this morning--delightful sensation in hands, arms, ears, and, finally, lower chakras as well.  Indeed, this was a return of my familiar "joy without cause," a prize indeed.

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