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Monday, April 14, 2014

New Moon Goddess Mystery School 

Stephanie Anderson Ladd, who is offering this E-Course, is a friend of mine and I recommend her and her work highly.  She has done extensive research into the Goddess in her various forms, and also has published a beautiful book on the various forms of the Goddess.  Here is her latest offering, which will I am sure be exciting and beneficial.

Here is the information as I received it.  And--when she mentions the free Your Sacred Pleasure Map, you cannot get it by simply pressing "here" (this is a reprint of original site), so I suggest you send a request to her at the address at the bottom.  Perhaps you can see Diva Carla on Youtube as well.

Enroll now in a modern mystery school where you will learn how the archetypal wisdom of ancient goddesses has meaning for you today!

The Next E-Course of the 2014 New Moon Goddess Mystery School
Begins in 2 Weeks!
Spring - April 29, 2014 - New Moon in Taurus - Inanna
What Can You Expect From the E-Course on Inanna?
Inanna is a a goddess archetype who predated Aphrodite/Venus and who shows us how to love ourselves whole-heartedly, reclaim our sacred sexuality, transform our wounds, and stand in our power as feminine beings.

Sumerian Goddess and Queen of Heaven and Earth

Like Persephone and Psyche, Inanna travels to the Underworld and back. She shows us the initiatory process of shedding the old skin, the ego trappings, the false Self, and recovering the authentic Self, who rises to the occasion of her full Being. We will be exploring aspects of our own shadow, making shadow boxes of our discarded and reclaimed parts, as well as exploring what it means to truly let go, including the ultimate letting go: orgasm.

As part of this e-course, special guest Diva Carla, will be joining us for the Full Moon Video Spreecast to talk about The Wisdom of Orgasm. Diva Carla helps women discover the pleasure and sacredness of their sexuality, aspects of the feminine that have been split off under the patriarchy. In the spirit of Inanna, we will explore what it means to own our sexuality as women, and to release our full sexual potential, freeing us to be creative, whole human beings bringing the fullness of our gifts and talents to life.

And, as a special gift to you as well as a teaser for what to expect from our Full Moon conversation, Diva Carla is offering a free course called Your Sacred Pleasure Map, which includes 5 You Tube videos and 5 home play assignments that will get you started on the path to more pleasure and intimacy. This course introduces a woman's pleasure anatomy, the spirituality of sex, and how to get to know your body through practice, taught from the perspective of women’s self-pleasure.

Click here to download the free course: Your Sacred Pleasure Map

Join us for Inanna as well as the other goddess archetypes (Artemis and Cerridwyn) we will be exploring in 2014. With each course you will receive an e-book, videos, audios, discussions with guest artists and surprises as we circle the year together. This e-course can be done at home on your own time. You may take one or all of these New Moon courses. You will also be welcomed to join the Goddess Temple Facebook group to share your thoughts, feelings, and creations throughout the year.

Enroll now for this affordable, exciting e-course!

Click here to register: 2014 New Moon Goddess Mystery School

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