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Monday, April 07, 2014

Vimanas and UFO's 

The word vimana appears often in ancient Hindu literature.  It can refer to several things, including a palace or even a flying aircraft.  There are depictions of various kinds of "vimanas" in the ancient literature, including the Mabarata.  There are even instructions for building them.

Given the current interest in UFO's, it is interesting to discover these references in ancient literature and to speculate on their implications.  Some depictions even show what appear to be opposing airships waging combat against one another.

Did the ancients actually construct and fly in these aircraft?  If so, their civilization was far more technically advanced than we have supposed.  Did similar air ships arrive on earth from other planets or regions of outer space to help humanity advance?  Some speculate that this was the case, and point to various images of apparent "space travelers" to prove their case.

Interest in alien visitors has now moved from the pages of the "National Enquirer" to contemporary mainstream television.  Interest is running quite high, and various experts with impeccable credentials are coming forth with evidence (of sightings) that seem undeniable.  Such authoritative spokespersons include astronauts, highly placed former employees of aerospace programs, and certified commercial pilots.  No one knows exactly what these unidentified vessels are, where they come from, or why they are here.  Some seem to be benign on contact (offering healing of physical wounds, for example) and some seem less benign (leaving the recipient of close contact with radiation sickness and lingering illness).

At present, the question of UFO's and alien visitors is a hot topic, one much in the consciousness of the ordinary citizen worldwide. Those of us who have lived over a long span have seen such topics as gender issues, feminism, Kundalini yoga, and alternate health approaches move from the realm of the esoteric to the forefront of popular media.  Change does occur.  We should be prepared for even more change to come into our psychic space, and to arrive ever more quickly.

I suspect that very soon we will see such changes as widespread communication through mental telepathy, teleportation, bilocation, instant energetic healing, and accelerating Kundalini awakenings, to name a few.  We are now in a new age, and expansion of consciousness is all about us.  Those who have already undergone Kundalini awakening are the forerunners of the new era, and what earlier seemed strange is becoming ever more familiar.

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