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Thursday, May 01, 2014

A Healer at Work 

Rob is located in Aspen, but he was visiting Boulder and doing a public demonstration, so I went to see how this healer operated and whether I felt that he was authentic.
The evening was, in fact, rather mesmerizing.   Rob explained several times that he himself did not do the healing, but was rather the "medium" through which a group of healers on "the other side" did healing work.  He said that there were about 18 in this group, but only certain ones would come through at any one time.

He also explained that he had had the ability to heal since childhood--he did nothing to develop it and had no explanation as to why this gift was given to him.
He was a "down to earth" character, who made little jokes along the way (to relieve the tension) and himself burped frequently to "release the energies he picked up from his healing team."

Those who wished to have the healing experience in front of the audience had signed up ahead of time (I was relieved to know I would not be called up, since I would have been far too self conscious to appear publicly in this way).  Those who were chosen (all women) presented with an array of symptoms, from psychological issues to life threatening illness.  Each was seated on a high stool--he stood behind them and simply placed his hands (obviously under direction) on various places on their bodies.  Soon each began to release the inner emotions--some crying, some wailing, some shouting.  After a time, he asked how they felt, and all said they felt much better.

I was happy that I was able to witness the proceedings without picking up the negative symptoms in my own body.  Previously, I often would simply mirror whatever the subject was experiencing (typical of clairesentients, those who "feel" the energies of other people or objects).

Whatever happened, the session certainly provided intense release of deeply held emotional tensions, and this in itself clearly contributed to a sense of healing.  Whether any actual permanent healing took place, I have no idea.  But the subjects certainly looked better, and were much happier when they finished.

As for me, I felt "refreshed" by observing the session.  Rob had explained that those in the audience would also benefit from the healing energies, and that the group spirit would help the healing process of the subjects.

His only requirement from them was that they surrender to the moment and allow the healing to occur.

He will return to Boulder on May 21 and do another public demonstration.  Here is his contact info and website (he also does long distance healing.)  The website includes a video of Rob at work.


420 W. Main Street
Aspen, CO  81611
(970) 544-2381

(picture of Rob found on his website--it blurred when I enlarged it--sorry)

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