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Thursday, May 29, 2014

About the "Third Eye" or Ajna Chakra 

An inquiry has been received (on another site) as to whether or not it was possible for someone to "accidentally" trigger a transfer of energy via the "third eye" or ajna chakra, leading to Kundalini arousal.  Dr. Lawrence Edwards, a recognized authority on such matters, replied as follows:

If by “accidental” one means that the ego mind didn’t intend for it to happen, then yes, there can be “accidental” shaktipat.  But from the perspective of the One from whom shaktipat flows, there is never such an accident.  I don’t know if this person received shaktipat or some lesser form of transmission or initiation.  Most people use the term shaktipat indiscriminately, reflecting their lack of discernment.  There are many levels and forms of diksha, initiation, transmission that aren’t shaktipat with Kundalini awakening.  Awakening of Kundalini can occur at different levels, the classic ones being the muladhara chakra, the anahata chakra and the ajna chakra.  I don’t know why she thinks it came from someone’s ajna chakra, or what that something is that she thinks came from their ajna chakra.  There are psychic siddhis or powers that a person can develop to transmit energy from the 3rd eye/ajna chakra.  It is a lesser power and doesn’t result in Kundalini awakening though it can have a powerful impact on the person receiving the energy.  Someone could develop such powers and not have much control over them so that they can have all kinds of unintended consequences. 

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