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Friday, May 09, 2014

Eric Pearl and the Reconnection 

I have just watched a fascinating presentation by Eric Pearl, who practices "The Reconnection" as a healing modality.  He is a captivating speaker and demonstrates the effectiveness of his approach by calling up members of the audience who then often leave healed of their afflictions.

Pearl is a nonconformist in his approach.  Whereas many healers call upon disembodied spirits (Jesus, archangels, mother-father god and others) to assist them, he does not do so.  Furthermore, he insists that technique itself is not helpful--he feels that healing is a gift, not a technique, but--ironically--it can be taught.  Once one taps into this healing energy, the gift will remain forever.

Pearl also disdains the notion that the student must return many times to the teacher (and pay still more money) in order to learn the "technique."  He insists that only when technique is transcended, will healing take place.

Pearl also avers that the healer needs no special "protection" (such as white or gold light, shaking the hands into water to get rid of negative energies, or saying prayers).  He thinks the healing process is a simple experience in which the healer allows his own hands to reach a certain vibration which is then transferred into the client, who spontaneously heals.  Interestingly, Perl states that once the healing begins, he feels ecstasy in his hands.  I wonder if this is the same ecstasy that we sometimes feel when our Kundalini is aroused through music or movement or other ways.  Often we feel this bliss state first in the hands.

Pearl has written a fascinating book about his journey from being a typical chiropractor with a flourishing practice to a healer who suddenly found he could cure patients through the simple approach he describes in this video.

In case the site below does not work, you can find this presentation on YouTube under

Eric Pearl, Biology of Transformation and the Field  (the latter are the names of other presentations at this conference).


Several other videos of Pearl are also on YouTube.

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