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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Kundalini and Beethoven 

It came as a surprise.  This morning when I meant to call up the weather report for the day (from my bookmarks on the internet), I accidentally hit the entry for the Colorado Public radio station, which happened to be playing a Beethoven piece I am quite fond of--the first Razumotsky string quartet.  I have listened to this piece many times, but this time it was a different experience.  Each note, each nuance of the piece, stirred the sweet energies within, and, after a long term (several weeks, that is) of "no feeling," the gentle rapture returned, located first literally in my head, then spreading to other parts of the body.  As always, these days, it was subtle rather than intense, but totally delightful, nonetheless.  I would compare the intensity to having your cheeks stroked by a feather, as the feelings moved from place to place within.

I have no idea why this happened, other than this was early in the day, soon after I woke up, during the time when I generally do my slow movement practice to induce the energies to awaken.

The next piece was Mozart's Symphony #15, written when he was fifteen.  I had a similar response to this piece as well.

Whatever the cause, I believe that this is how music (at least this kind of music) is intended to be experienced, as a bodily response of delight--it does not always happen this way--indeed, such reactions are (for me) fairly rare these days and certainly unpredictable, but one is grateful for such unexpected favors.

I wrote in the previous entry about the "glorified body" and indeed I believe that this response is it.  Perhaps the angels live in this state constantly, and that is why they are so often depicted with musical instruments.  Certainly music can bring us closer to such an exalted condition.  Since we are still in a material body, it is as if we--at such times--experience in full consciousness the "divinization of matter" that some have talked about.

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