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Monday, May 05, 2014

Kundalini and the Glorified Body 

The notion of a "glorified body" appears primarily in Christian thinking--such as when the resurrected Christ appears in a "glorified body."  This notion--of a "body" transformed into a suprahuman state--is also contained in such concepts as "the divinization of matter," which some posit as the end point of human evolution.  As humans, we are clearly composed of "matter" and some insist that that is all that we are.  Indeed, materialistic science is based on this assumption. However, in certain states of consciousness, we appear to transcend the limits of ordinary "matter" and connect with that which is "higher", closer to a divine reality.

I am prepared to suggest that in the finest moments of Kundalini experience we approach the state of "divinized matter."  We are, of course, still in the body, yet the bliss flowing through our bodies tells us that another element is at work, that what is manifesting is "us" and yet more than us.  We have reached another less familiar level of existence, indeed as if we were connecting with a divine reality, coming to and through us as fully unconditional love.

The most convincing emblem of this state is St. Teresa in ecstasy, as displayed in Bernini's famous statue.  Many wonder how it is that this highly spiritual being appears as if in the throes of sexual bliss, but those who understand the nature of her experience know that what she is feeling is union with the heavenly, non-material realities, and it is they, not an earthly lover, who engage her in total transcendence.

Yet, it is doubtful that even Teresa remained in this state permanently.  For the rest of us, we are blessed if we experience occasional glimpses of this high state.  Even when it seemingly disappears we continue to recollect it in memory, and know that transcendence, the "divinization of matter," is possible.

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