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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kundalini and the Paradigm Shift 

Kundalini and the Paradigm Shift

Someone has pointed out that global awakening to Kundalini consciousness has in fact not taken place as Gopi Krishna and others predicted.  Although there are scattered reports of such transformation occurring here and there, no universal shift of awareness appears to have occurred.

Does this mean that no such shift will occur?  or indeed is not occurring even now?  Perhaps the commentator is not in touch with the many movements toward paradigm shift occurring all around us now.  Perhaps he is not giving credit to the fact that such global transformations will not occur instantaneously, but rather incrementally over a space of time.

In "Mysticism and the New Physics," Michael Talbot mentions that Willis Harmon asserts that we are moving from the belief that the "basic stuff of the universe is matter-energy" to a view that the "ultimate stuff of the universe is consciousness."
Although Talbot essentially agrees with Harmon, he adds that, although a shift is occurring,  such a change will take some time.

"Living things resist precipitous transformation.  Organic things--from cellular organisms to the belief systems that take root in the fertile soil of our thoughts--prefer homeostasis."
"When one wants to train the trunk of a miniature bonsai tree to turn in a new direction, one cannot simply bend it in that direction all at once or the trunk will break.  One must wrap the trunk with wire and slowly, ever so slowly, shape it in small increments.  Only then can it survive the stress." 

Both Harmon and Talbot are speaking about a "shift in consciousness," and Kundalini is itself is at the heart of such a shift. It involves more than a change of perspective or outlook.  Consciousness is transformed to such an extent that the participant literally experiences the world in a new way, as the nervous system and heart are refashioned into a new configuration.  This process can take significant time, even years to accomplish

The process of evolution, like most radical transformations, does not necessarily occur through a sudden leap onto a new level of existence.  Rather, it is attained through an infinite series of small changes, producing, ultimately, virtually a new species, one in which mind and heart operate together in a novel accord.

When we look about us, it is as if humanity were moving in a kind of "parade" into the future.  Some are at the head, already undergoing intense transformation into new forms of being.  Some are following in  the middle, dabbling in the new (and sometimes old in the sense of ancient wisdom traditions) culture, experiencing a bit of change from time to time, but still essentially loyal to the familiar patterns.  Others are totally stuck in the previous paradigm, where science and rationality reigned supreme, with no tolerance for more mystical perspectives.

It is up to us who have had our lives turned upside down, totally transformed by sudden or gradual change, to act as the "leaven" for the birth of the new age, for we are the "forerunners" with a special responsibility to demonstrate in our lives the possibilities for what lies ahead for our society and our planet.

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