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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Rapture is fickle 

Yesterday I described a morning experience of rapture, as I listened to Beethoven and then Mozart on my internet station.  Today I tried to repeat the experience, but my efforts were in vain.   The music I heard was lovely--quite pleasurable to hear, but it was almost an "external" experience as opposed to the somatic delight of the previous day. I think we cannot summon our bliss at will (at least when we are long into our experience--these things seem to happen more often in the earlier stages, when the energies are more intense.)

Always, Kundalini remains a mystery.  Its true nature, its source, its intention--all of these are  unclear.  What we know is that it is a  perpetual fascination, a source of endless joy and ineffable delight, as well as occasional pain.

I myself still adhere to the notion originally posited by Gopi Krishna--that Kundalini was the driving force leading all of humanity to transition to a new (and higher) plane of consciousness--evolution of the species.  I do not think I believe this just because (or in spite of the fact that) others (cults, New Agers, curious prophets of the past) have predicted such an event previously.  I do not believe that my conviction is merely another manifestation of an enduring archetype.

All signs point to an ultimate crisis on earth at this time.  Already, the scientists are telling us that global warming is no longer an event of the future, but is already with us--witness the strange shift of weather patterns over the last few years.  We will, they say, experience even more such catastrophic events--even greater in their effects--in future.  Sea levels will rise, tornadoes increase, floods become more frequent.  The earth is heating up, and so is the pace of our movement toward a great shift, both physical and spiritual.

I consider it a blessing to be alive at this time of transition from one era to the next.  In fact, I believe that this dramatic current of events is why many of us have chosen to be "earthlings" at this moment, even though the demands on us are great.

Rupert Sheldrake posed the notion of a "morphic field"--when enough members of a group share a common experience, it is then easier for those who follow to embody the same experience.  I think this is what is happening today with Kundalini awakening.  As more and more go through the awakening process, it is easier for those who come after to
undergo the same experience.  It is more difficult for the "early arrivers," since the field is not yet fully established.  But the later "Kundalini bloomers" should have an easier time, since the field is for them firmly in place.

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