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Friday, May 02, 2014

Seeing an Eyebeam and Other Matters 

I was recently reading a text that mentioned a prediction of a time when communication between persons would be through visual images, rather than words (I have heard that indeed this is the way animals communicate).  This passage reminded me of an experience many years ago when I literally saw an eye beam.

I was dozing in my living room chair early in the evening, while my room mate was seated on the couch a few feet away.  As I woke, I noticed a beam of light extended in front of me, and I traced it to its origin--her eyes staring straight ahead.  I realized that I was literally seeing an "eye beam" such as is referred to often in poetry of the past.

Aristotle posited that the "eye beam" was itself the source of sight, and that notion was accepted until later ages explored the optical basis of sight.  However, it makes me think that in Aristotle's time some must have seen the "eye beam", otherwise why would Aristotle have referred to it?

In another text (science fiction) there is a reference to communication between members of some advanced species through light.  (I think this is what was meant in my dream of a mirror I referred to last time--the notion being that by blinking the mirror in the sun, the living might communicate with the dead--and this, of course, reminds us of ships at sea who in the past communicated by very powerful blinking lights.)

Well, I have more or less rambled here, but my point was that perhaps eyebeams do indeed exist--today they often appear in computer games, usually in the employment of the forces of darkness who use them for destructive purposes.

Perhaps in future we will be able to use light in some form for communication with others--and will have less need for language.  Will we communicate (telepathically) with the dead?  Who knows--our capacities continue to expand as we move into higher and higher states of consciousness.  And the pace of our expansion accelerates day by day.    Perhaps we will be able to "download" a book sent telepathically from the author (or his/her source) directly from one mind to another.  Even today we often "download" information of a spiritual nature coming apparently from a "higher" source.

Many think that it is Kundalini itself that is behind all such expanded states--indeed, those who undergo awakening often do receive "special abilities" of this sort.

The picture above has little or no obvious connection with this subject, but I was taken with this photo (from yesterday) of this little fellow and his Elizabethan collar.  And since it is Friday, I thought, oh, well, why not post it?  His name is Quinn.

But the more I contemplated his picture, the more it seemed an apt metaphor for the way most of us "see"--only what is straight before us, excluding those other realms that remain invisible to all but the most intrepid explorers, those willing to venture out to "parts unknown" and experience that which is "out of bounds" to the majority.

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