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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"The Cautious Poet"--poem by Dorothy 

The Cautious Poet

The voice said,
if you want to be admitted
to the established poets’ club,
don’t try to go too far,
don’t stretch yourself
until you break,
and, whatever you do,
don’t pretend you know something
that the others don’t know.

Shove you experience to the back
of the line.
No one else has been where you went,
so why should they believe you?

Struggle your way
up to the door,
but never go through.

Give yourself a peek
at the other side
from time to time,
but don’t pretend
that you actually
arrived somewhere.
Stand there, waiting,
for what may seem eons,
to do other would be an act
of pride.

Yes, that flash of light
left you in a heap of dust,
but perhaps if you are careful,
no one will notice.

Dorothy Walters
May 21, 2014

(picture of mandala found on internet)

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