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Monday, May 12, 2014

The Sixties, the Planets, and Current Social Changes 

An interesting sounding T. V. program is coming up in a few days, with a focus on the sixties and how that era in effect "predicted" the many changes that have occurred in various areas in the intervening years.  This was indeed the time of major change--there was a rebellion against the "old ways" of the patriarchy, including the emphasis on "conformity" and following tradition.  As the decade progressed and expanded into the following years, we saw the arrival of the Civil Rights movement, the growth of feminism, the increasing acceptance of gays, as well as the emergence of interest in Eastern thought and esoteric spirituality, the arrival of Great Mother consciousness, and many other social/spiritual movements.  Although Kundalini was at that time virtually unknown in the West, certain writers kept the growing interest in esoterica alive--writers like Joseph Campbell ("The Hero's Journey"), Carl Jung (especially his work on alchemical transformation), the Seth Books (many of his notions now embraced by cutting edge physics), Eliade on Shamanism, as well as books on astrology, Tarot, Kaballah, telepathic communication, meditation and Eastern practices--the list is long.
All of these nascent interests expanded and now are (for many of us) familiar features of present day society.

And --interestingly--some astrologers today are noting that the planetary alignments at present mimic those of the sixties--notably Uranus/Pluto Squares happening several times in 2012-2015.  I am not an astrologer, but I think it is interesting that Uranus and Pluto are "the two major planets of change and transformation."  This quote comes from JoyOm, an astrologer and energy/spiritual worker who  can be googled to discover her fascinating site on the internet.  Joy also says--"We now have a replay of the transformation begun at that time at a higher turn of the spiral...the old will transform, transmute and re-form into the emerging newness...these influences...will disrupt, reveal and elevate the frequencies of consciousness of each chakra."

I think that almost all of us who lived in the sixties (and thereafter) were affected by these social changes.  Indeed, our frequencies did change, and many of us transited to a higher level of consciousness--Kundalini being a major example.  These were turbulent, yet fascinating times.  We became more alive, as if waking up from a cultural trance. We found ourselves exploring realms unknown and becoming "ourselves" in a long forgotten way.

And--here is a somewhat more cautious version of what is to come:


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